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The last remaining member of a small religious cult (The Children of Enoch) awaits the resurrection of her recently departed "sisters" and their leader, Father Enoch.


dir. Nathan Sellers / 2022 / 9 min

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Vermont, 1898: Ruth freezes her parents with an old family recipe so they may survive the harsh winter, but an early thaw brings horrifying results.

Starring: Toby Poser, Emily Bennett & Jeffrey Grover

dir. Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple

2023 / 16 min

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Rooted in a childhood memory, 'Methuselah' examines the exploitation of trees and their haunting dual role, as silent witnesses and unwitting participants, in humanity's history of violence. "Chilling, evoking the styles of Lynch, Deren, and Harry Callahan in equal measure" -- Experimental Film Society.

Starring: Jordan Mullins

dir. Nathan Sellers / 2024 / TBD

As night falls and her neighborhood becomes unresponsive, Rose assumes she is forgotten.  


That all changes as a blood covered teen runs out of the woods, claiming her mother is trying to kill her. As Rose assumes a long lost motherly roll to protect the girl, she discovers other things lurking in the dark, trying to get in. 

Starring: Virginia Newcomb, Toby Poser & Catherine Bennis

dir. Logan Freeman / 2023 / 15 min

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