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The last remaining member of a small religious cult (The Children of Enoch) awaits the resurrection of her recently departed "sisters" and their leader, Father Enoch.


dir. Nathan Sellers / 2022 / 9 min

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Vermont, 1898: Ruth freezes her parents with an old family recipe so they may survive the harsh winter, but an early thaw brings horrifying results.

Starring: Toby Poser, Emily Bennett & Jeffrey Grover

dir. Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple

2023 / 16 min

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A young woman braces herself for an uncertain future as she navigates through the disquieting interview process preceding a 'life-changing' medical procedure.

Starring: Nancy Kimball & Tom Ciorciari

dir. Nathan Sellers / 2024 / TBD

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When a recent divorcée, Annette, moves into a family vacation home, she detects a strong unidentifiable smell. From there, trouble ensues as the mysterious odor begins to permeate and wreak havoc on her daily life.

dir. Nathan Sellers / 2023 / 16 min

As night falls and her neighborhood becomes unresponsive, Rose assumes she is forgotten.  


That all changes as a blood covered teen runs out of the woods, claiming her mother is trying to kill her. As Rose assumes a long lost motherly roll to protect the girl, she discovers other things lurking in the dark, trying to get in. 

Starring: Virginia Newcomb, Toby Poser & Catherine Bennis

dir. Logan Freeman / 2023 / 15 min

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